Big Barker Dog Beds: Where Style Meets Optimal Support for Big Dogs

Big Barker dog beds

When it comes to our dogs, providing them with a comfortable and supportive place to rest is important to their well-being. This holds especially true for big dogs, as they often experience joint and skeletal issues due to their size. That’s where Big Barker dog beds come into play. These exceptional beds are designed to combine style and optimal support, ensuring that your big dog gets the restful sleep they deserve.

Why your dog needs Big Barker Dog Beds

Here are some of the benefits of buying a Big Barker dog bed for your furry friend:

The Beds Stay Cool

Big Barker dog beds feature an open-cell foam design that allows air to move freely through the bed. This innovative feature helps regulate your dog’s body temperature, preventing them from getting too hot and uncomfortable during sleep.

They are Easy to Clean

We understand that keeping your dog’s bed clean is essential for their health and hygiene. That’s why Big Barker beds come with a strong YKK zipper that surrounds 75% of the bed. This makes it incredibly easy to remove the non-shrink covers for machine washing, ensuring a fresh and clean bed for your furry friend.

They Comes with Durable Covers

Big dogs are known for their enthusiasm and sometimes even rough play. That’s why Big Barker uses tough microsuede fabric for their bed covers, which holds up against digging and scratching. You can rest assured that your dog’s bed will withstand their playful antics and remain in great condition for years to come.

They Have Height Advantage

For dogs with severe joint, nerve, or skeletal problems, the elevated 7-inch height of Big Barker beds provides a significant advantage. Unlike normal dog beds that start from the ground, Big Barker beds allow your dog to “walk off” the bed instead of struggling to raise themselves. This unique feature promotes easier movement and reduces the strain on their joints, providing them with the comfort they need.

No Out Gassing

One common issue with some dog beds is the unpleasant chemical smell that can irritate both dogs and humans. With Big Barker, you never have to worry about that. They use better ingredients and take extra care of their foam, ensuring that you and your furry friend won’t experience any discomfort or irritation from chemical odors.

They Have Waterproof Liners

Accidents happen, especially with pets. That’s why Big Barker dog beds come equipped with waterproof liners. These liners provide an additional layer of protection, preventing any liquids from seeping into the foam and keeping the bed clean and odor-free.

Quality has been Scientifically Proven and Tested

The effectiveness of Big Barker beds has been scientifically proven. In a clinical study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, owners of large dogs with arthritis reported significant improvements in their pets’ joint pain, stiffness, joint function, and nighttime restfulness after using Big Barker beds. This study further confirms the positive impact these beds have on the overall well-being of big dogs.

They Come with Triple-Layer Foam Structure

The unique triple-layer foam structure of Big Barker beds sets them apart from the rest. This design prevents painful pressure points that can cause discomfort and joint problems in large dogs. By evenly distributing your dog’s weight and supporting their joints, Big Barker beds provide better naps, better nights, and better years of comfort for your furry friend.

Best-selling Big Barker Dog Beds

Now that you’ve known to some of the benefits of buying this orthopedic dog bed for your big dog, here are the top 3 rated Big Barker dog beds to buy:

1. Big Barker’s Sleek Orthopedic Dog Bed

Big Barker Sleek Orthopedic Dog Bed - 7” Dog Sofa Bed for Large Dogs


The Big Barker Sleek Orthopedic Dog Bed is specifically designed for large dogs. It features thick, quality-assured foam that provides exceptional support and comfort. The bed is made with soft microsuede material, making it the perfect orthopedic bed for your big furry friend. The headrest supports your pet’s head while they can sprawl across the rest of the bed. It has a washable microsuede cover, making maintenance a breeze. The intuitive zippered design ensures a sleek and comfortable surface, while the bed itself is made in the USA and also comes with a 10-Year Warranty.

2. Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed with Headrest

Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed with Headrest


Another popular option from Big Barker is the Orthopedic Dog Bed with Headrest. It offers the same exceptional quality and support as other Big Barker beds. With its thick foam and soft microsuede cover, this bed is designed to provide maximum comfort for your large dog. The headrest provides extra support for their heads, allowing them to relax in style. The bed is also machine washable and comes with the same intuitive zippered design and 10-Year Warranty.

3. Big Barker Orthopedic 4″ Dog Crate Pad

Big Barker Orthopedic 4" Dog Crate Pad


If your big dog spends time in a crate, the Big Barker Orthopedic 4″ Dog Crate Pad is an ideal choice. It perfectly fits inside the raised lip of a standard large crate, providing your dog with a comfortable and supportive surface. The pad is made with the same expert foam engineering as other Big Barker beds, cushioning your dog’s elbows, hips, and pressure points from the hard metal and plastic of the crate.

This pad is made in the USA as well with high-quality materials and is designed to withstand regular use without flattening or over time. It’s easy to clean, machine washable, and water-resistant, offering protection against accidents, nesting, and digging. With its tear-resistant construction, you can trust that this crate pad will provide long-lasting comfort for your big dog.


When it comes to providing optimal support and comfort for your big dogs, Big Barker dog beds are unmatched. Their innovative design, triple-layer foam structure, and high-quality materials make them the ideal choice for big dogs at every stage of their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions About Big Barker Dog Beds

Are Big Barker dog beds suitable for all dog breeds and sizes?

Big Barker dog beds are specifically designed for large, extra-large, and giant dogs. While they may not be suitable for smaller breeds, Big Barker offers a range of sizes to accommodate different big dog breeds. Check out the best dog beds for small dogs.

Can I machine wash the covers of Big Barker dog beds?

Yes, the covers of Big Barker dog beds are machine washable. The strong YKK zipper allows for easy removal, and the covers can be washed without shrinking, ensuring convenient maintenance.

Do Big Barker dog beds help with joint pain in dogs?

Yes, Big Barker beds have been clinically shown to reduce joint pain and stiffness in large dogs. The supportive foam structure and elevated height provide relief and promote better joint health.

Are Big Barker dog beds durable and long-lasting?

Absolutely! Big Barker dog beds are crafted with durable materials, such as tough microsuede fabric, and their foam is designed to resist flattening or pancaking over time. They come with a 10-Year Warranty, ensuring their long-lasting quality.

Are Big Barker dog beds suitable for outdoor use?

Big Barker dog beds are primarily designed for indoor use. While they are made with high-quality materials, they may not withstand prolonged exposure to harsh outdoor elements.

For dog beds suitable for outdoor use, check out: 

Big Barker Dog Beds
Big Barker Dog Beds

Shop Big Barker dog beds for ultimate support and comfort for your big dogs. Choose from a range of sizes and styles. Experience the difference in quality and design.

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